Dedicated to my anniversary👑❤

They say
Love is bliss
Love is kind
Love is peace
They blow my mind
For I found out
The deeper meaning of love

Love is with doubt
Love is the least of all above
It is sweat
It is tears
but if to be love is meant
it removes all fears
Love is a sweet hello
And a painful goodbye
It is without a halo
But somehow you’ll smile
Love is compromise
It is your comfort zone’s demise
Love is making their favorite soup
whenever your beloved is acting aloof
It is making amends
despite you being upset
Love is not just sunshine
It too is the thunder in the rain
They say
Love shines your way
As It numbs the pain
In this,I agree
because love is a gain
Love…love sets you free
But it is also a hit or a miss
Not many people know this
You let it go and it slips
Therefore I add to the sayings
That love is to be nurtured
Not left to sustain itself
Love’s way is not mastered
but it is without regrets
For love is true
And of its own rank
From the picture of love I drew…

Love is Frank.

Voices in my head;I Choose You by Sara Bareilles.


Updaateee I’m eating meat today😂😂so craving met.

Jack had it all planned out.Get in,grab the gold,get out..simple.No doubt whatsoever in his mind;his cockiness at full bloom.He signals his team to move in on the house premises.The thoughts running through his mind different but all scream the same message,”This’ll be a success”.I meeaan I have a sniper at my command.He sneaks in through the front after using his make-believe fingerprints of the house owner.Easy peasy.His finger is positioned less than an inch away from the trigger;ready to turn anyone who protects the house into dust.He navigates cautiously then checks his screen because he hasn’t heard from his team in a while.Those fools definitely didn’t pay attention during training.There are three less heat signals from his team.Maybe it’s the tech acting up again…forgetful Mandy🤦‍♀️.

He enters the room containing the safe.A lumpy figure is at the corner.He tenses up but the figure doesn’t move.He checks the screen again;no heat signals nearby.He puts his strapped gun behind him and proceeds to open the safe.Three clicks and it swings open.Jackpot! The lights switch on and he turns quickly;the corpse of his teammate in the corner not escaping his eye.”Hello Jack.”He reaches for his gun but is stopped by noticing a red dot on his chest…right over his heart.Darn it!

Not everyone has the criminal gene down like Jack or his rival.Take me for example😂..if I thought I did then it definitely vanished after some weeks ago when I had sweaty palms at the vendor’s;frantically searching for my mask beneath all the vegetables in my bag😂.I was determined to wear it before the law enforcers got to where I was.Had I packed it?Did it fall out?I was panicked out of my miiind😂😂🤧Kwani hauipati?(You aren’t getting your mask?)The vendor asked,safely hiding in her stall.She didn’t help with my case.Now now I’m not so gangsta,I didn’t spend time at the police station.I got saved right at the nick of time.

Are you a smooth criminal?😂

The voices in my head; (listen at low volumes😂)

The Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award.

I promised myself I would let you guys breathe after the long list😂😂 but this cannot wait any longer.Drumrolls pleaaaseeee! Imagine I won another award🥺🥺 Iss God oooh😭😭🤲🏽 I can’t be happier than I am now today…unless I mysteriously get to eat meat(I’ve been craving😂).So this would not be possible had it not been for Faith🤗.Thank you so much for the nomination🤗.Bless you💕.Check out her amazing work here


Thank the person who has nominated you and link back to their blog.

Answer their questions.

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The questions;

  1. From The Kissing Booth 2; Where do you see yourself in five years? I haven’t watched it yet…I have failed you sensei😭😭😂..I will come back to edit the answer after I have😂.
  2. What would you tell you from 5years ago? Don’t stress too much…in the end,everything aligns itself with your destiny.
  3. What cant you live without(that isn’t food or water of course)?Love…whether romantic or platonic.Love fuels me🤧❤.
  4. If you had the chance and the power, what would you change? The way the world works..its favoritism and discrimination.I’d give everyone the same chance in life;no matter the race or financial status.
  5. What flaw have you learnt to live with? I take everything to heart.I’ve learnt how to turn that into something good because now I cherish every little thing.Like my followers…thank you🥺I shan’t let you down🤗😂❤❤.

My very deserving nominees;

My nominees…I am sorry I informed you waay earlier.If I didn’t I’d have procrastinated this😂🤗.Congratulations🥳.


Inspired and motivated by Liz💕.Link below.Issa long list..hopefully I am not boring😂😂.

☆ I am obsessed with oceans😭.Seriously anything water that’s so blue will have me raving in seconds😂.By default,I’m obsessed with beaches.

♡ My mom is my everythiiing literally🥺❤ I love her so much and would do anything for her in a heartbeat🤗❤.It’s mostly been her and I for the better part of my life.My brother was always in school🌚(You just had to read didn’t you😂) but you are somewhere in there too😂😂😂❤.

☆ New found fact;I’m really bad with lists 😂. I don’t know how to rank them that’s why I opted not to use numbers.

♡ I am a believer of God❤(I made it sound long😂).For real though,the things my mother has done for us couldn’t be explained any other way.

☆ As soon as the sun sets and my feet are not protected 😭😂 I almost ALWAYS get bitten by mysterious bugs that don’t affect the people around me.Spooky?Me thinks so too😖.

♡ I am in a relationship(Abuju aka Frank stand and wave😂😂).Would’ve dropped a pic or two but sadly this isn’t about you😂❤.

☆ I would love to be called Gulavi Jandi (sounds exotic and mysterious)as opposed to my other two names Purity Patience(I know I know I am well endowed in the name section😂).For some reason,I dislike being called by my full name (I think it’s because I always get this vibe that I’m in know,like in the principal’s office😂😩🤧) and prefer Pury(even the household knows that😂).

♡ I will have a male maid of honor pipooo😂😂😂My bestfriend(goes by the name ‘tormentor of my peace’💀always wanting to disturb it🤦‍♀️😂) deserves to be in my line😭😂fine maybe he won’t but 90% a really awesome thought.I feel like I have known him my whole life🥺💝.I also have three female bestfriends and one baby baus(pronounced as it is;means boss but with a little pizzazz) that I looove to death🥳❤.

☆ The username came from a friend who told me I was a ninjarella and it was the female version of a ninja 😂 and I love that😭🤲🏽 I’m also told I have gangster qualities😂😂😂🌚.

♡ I loooooove Pilau and every other food really😂😂 uuuh let’s not forget Hawaaiian pizza(I remember one of y’all trash-talked it on your blog…the audacityyyyy🌚😂).

☆ I actually kinda accidentally on purpose stole that last name Jandi😂.I was the only one who wasn’t named that in the family.Before my primary school exams,we were told we had to register with our surnames so I wrote it down.My brother has always called me out on it but who am I…it’s on my ID😂😂.

♡ Series,series,series!!From romantic comedies to dramas I am your girl🥳.I watch a lot of movies too(Almost all romantic ones from 2017 to date🤭).Horror is a big no no,I happen to be a fan of no heart attacks😂😂.

☆ I am arguably the laziest person you will ever meet😂 yet somehow I cannot let myself lag behind in schoolwork(Thank heavens because yo girl would still be in primary💀).

♡ Music is my muse🥳.Afrobeats are my jam💃 but I listen to a little bit of everything.You can’t deny songs with good tunes!

☆ Drumrolls pleaaaseeeee…I share a birthday with Einstein🦚.No the emoji was not a mistake😂.Anytime I feel stupid cause of a grade I remember I have a partner in prowess😂😂(though inaccurate,it is seriously therapeutic).

♡ I get very ‘mama Hen’ like(overprotective) with the people I care about and love.If anything hurts them,I try my best to get rid of it.I will also definitely always show up for them when they need me.

☆ I am a perfectionist…not a good combo with laziness if you ask me😂.I tend not to do something if I know it won’t turn out great.It’s a miracle I started this blog because I wasn’t confident.The urge to do everything right almost always exceeds the laziness so I end up doing it.

♡ I used to eat my nails till the fateful end of schoolyear 2018 where I was graced with a classmate who would slap my hand away everytime she sensed my mouth lunging for it😂.Thank you Mo..I wouldn’t have pretty (they say) nails if it weren’t for you.

☆ I am deathly afraid of flying insects…they creep me ouuuttt…I think it’s because I can’t control them😂😂 and then imagining them landing on you is just fklsjsjnsbklp😖neeext!

♡ I usually have too many stories in my head at the same time so I end up speaking a lot 😂😂😂.

☆ I can rap really fast…no no don’t look at me like that😂It’s a big flex and that’s faxxx😂😂(facts)

♡ I actually enjoy cooking..much to my surprise😂😂.I also stress eat…or used to..seems like life has been kind to me since I finished high school😂.

☆ I’m in love with guitars😩❤🙌🏽anything acoustic,I must listen to🤧💃.

♡ Whatsapp stickers!Now those are a way of life😂 I can’t imagine expressing myself in a better way.I think I have atleast 3 for every occasion ever.😂

☆ I loooove furry animals,specifically cats and dogs.Yes,I am a lover of both somehow people always have to choose.

♡ My handwriting looks exactly like my brother’s(on the days I am committed to writing neatly😂🤭)When I was way younger it looked exactly like one of my bestfriend’s.Needless to say,I am a handwriting thief😭😭.

☆ I find solace in comforting other’s and advising them.Sometimes I feel I should also major in psychology😂😂🤧.

♡ I have an insatiable curiosity but hate feeling dumb..I don’t know if that last part also falls under perfectionist buut 🤷‍♀️.It takes a lot to ask a question when I do not know the reaction the other party will have.If it’ll get them snickering that would be the end of my quiz😂 but if they’re nice then it’s their lucky day because I will bug them till the end of time😂😂.It’s the reason I never make fun of anyone asking a question;no matter how simple the answer might feel to me.

☆ I have a need to own like 100 boots😂😂😭any length,any type.Not heels though,those would kill me before the 10th step(Wow I have so much faith in myself😂as if I wouldn’t fall by the 2nd)

♡ The little things really make my day.Like some days back,I got a notification we (yes we…I wouldn’t have done it without you🥺)had a new achievement of 200 likes and I lost it🥺😂😂 went on a full out party in my head😂😂.

☆ I am NOT the girl you pick to have your back in a catfight😂😂or even a verbal one.I’ve never thrown a punch (though I feel like I have the skill down based on my experience from watching all those movies😂😂)yet alone slapped somebody and I never really have perfected the art of tearing somebody down;mostly because I am not a fan.

♡ I would rather be indoors than out at a party.I am oddly an extrovert that loves introvert hobbies😂😂.I know how to express myself but I also do not love crowds.I wish someone would write a book about me,maybe they have me read more than I do😂.

☆ I am a night owl.I can’t really sleep early unless I’ve done a lot of work during the day.At night is also where my most brilliant ideas flow🤗.

♡ Have I mentioned memes?🥳🥳 the other way of life😂😂 these suckers will have you laughing in the middle of crying 😂😂Very therapeutic;highly recommended.

☆ WordPress has really become a safe haven for me❤❤❤.

♡☆ Clearly I make a mean list.😗🤭😂


It was after me.No matter how much I ran,it caught up to me so I hid.I curled up and shut my eyes so tight I could feel the strain in my face.The trembling followed;a sure sign I was failing.It sat next to me;deceivingly comforting.
I had felt the darkness hold my hand as I choked on my own tears.I saw it in my eyes when a friendship or relationship ended.I heard its whisper as I pushed away undesired thoughts,”Hello,old friend”.I briefly smile…and I get it,misery loves company.

It’s okay to be sad.Sometimes the only way to feel better is to just ride out the waves.You are still you💕.

Liebster Award

Lovelieeesss🥺💃I am sooo humbled by this🤧 Thank you so much Faith for the nomination.Check out her juicy stories that leave you awed.She is a trulyyyy amazing writer with character💥.

Rules:-1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Nominate 11 other Bloggers.
4. Ask your nominees 11 questions.
5. Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.
My questions

  1. When and why did you start blogging:I started a month and 2 weeks ago.The main reason was because wordpress was easy to operate😂 and the other was because I finally had a way to put a rest to my never ending thoughts.
  2. Whom do you like the most in this world: I cannot pick🐒😂.
  3. How do you motivate yourself during tough times:I listen to music and sorround myself with those that love me.In no time I remember I am worthy …then I eat😂.
  4. What is your favourite colour?Bluuueeee💃
  5. What is your first ambition:To have many kids and a nice happy healthy home🤗.
  6. Name any three friends in your life:Everyone,music and movies😂.
  7. What is your hobby:I love playing guitar and making doodles😂😂(cause I haven’t yet reached the artistic level of painters)
  8. Which is your favourite quote:What is dead may never die.
  9. Describe you in a word:Bubbly.
  10. Which is your favourite movie:Matilda.(from our childhood.)

My nominees;

You can all answer the same questions🤗🤗🤗.


P.S;You can check out all my song recommendations at the bottom of most posts labelled ‘the voices in my head‘…hopefully they are a treat🤭.

“There is nothing on this earth that will destroy us like we will”
~Chantelle,From cloak and dagger series

Najua sasa unaenda kulia..lia tu.” (I know that now you’re going to cry..just cry)I remember hearing those words from someone who was a close friend during an argument and it hit me more than I expected.I mean,I did cry😂 but I was not going to before she said so.I think what made me do so was not the comment but the fact that she knew it was a weakness that I was not proud of yet she was not hesitant to use it against me.That and that I hated public humiliation🤧.

For a long time,I disliked parts of me that I felt were far from the norm.For instance,my almost instant attachment to people,that made me uncomfortable because as an overthinker;I felt clingy.There was also my enthusiasm to truly know people and not just who they showed the world they were.Moreover,the ‘loving deeply and wholly’ part was unsettling.I wanted to be cold😂 and uncaring like almost everyone I see.

I know who I am now.I’m not a savage;I’m sassy,moody but a softie🙈.Granted,the world won’t treat you any different because you are soft-spoken but be gentle with yourself.

Whether you’re shamelessly brave😂 or ever so shy,strong or fragile in heart:it’s all perfectly fine.It’s our differences that make us so special.

Regardless,you will fall off your self-love wagon once in a while but remember these lyrics💃

let me hear you sing!🥳💃😌

“Should we be matches,I pray that you light each other up and not burn others down.”

~My misfit soul

The voices in my head;Just Sing from Trolls world tour(contains the lyrics above).

Mystery Blogger Award.

Talk about a red carpet!😂🤭My very first award and I couldn’t be more team ninjarella😭.I’ve been nominated for the mystery blogger award by Shantel.Please check out her blog for exceptional work Thank you so much for believing I deserve this award🥺💕.

1.Put the award logo on your blog post.
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5.Tell the readers 3 things about yourself
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9.Share a link to your best posts.

The Mystery Blogger Award was created by Okoto @OkotoEnigmasBlog to recognize “amazing blogs that haven’t been discovered” yet. It is the original creator’s aim, through this award nomination, to “create a friendly community and build a link between bloggers in the blogosphere; as everyone gets nominated and they too can spread the fun by nominating more people for the award.”

3 Random facts about me.

  • I love publicly showing support.
  • I’m really into crime novels.
  • I’m still smiling as I write this😂.

The questions;-

1.What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Check the time to see if yo girl’ll go back to bed😂.
2.How long have you been blogging?Umm…1 month 10 days..I feel so old😂.
3.What’s that one thing you can’t live without?
That’d have to be a good series…or is it music..I’m stuck😂.
4.Hot or Cold beverage?
Cold..anyday anytime..Tonsils have nothing on me😂.
5.Funny question: What attracts me most in a guy? I really can’t pick one but if I had to it’d be empathy.

My nominees;

My five questions to my nominees:

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. What is the source of inspiration for your site title?
  3. What is your one weird hobby?
  4. If you could describe yourself in one sentence what would it be?
  5. If you could meet anyone for 5 mins who would it be?

My best posts;


They’ve been there before we were born and shall be till the end of time.Situationships;a thing we tell ourselves we will never be in but a trap that jails us all nonetheless.

Kate sits across from Dave;watching him twirl his drink in his hands.He sighs,rubs his face,looks up at her and finally states the reason why she had to drive across the city to hang out with him.”She has a boyfriend..can you believe that?There I am,scrolling through statuses at 2 a.m and I see hers.I tap and tada!a caption fit for a husband is staring back at me…only problem is…it’s not me ..Kate,it’s not me.”He takes a big gulp of whatever the bartender mixed and continues,”The words were something along the lines of they’ve been together four years but hit a rough patch.She’s calling me a rough patch!” He sniffles but clears his throat in a feeble attempt to mask his pain.

She hated seeing her childhood friend like this.He wasn’t the bar type but somehow the ladies always found a way to squeeze the life out of him.Who can forget Liz?The highschool crush who always told him that he was her rock but somehow had so little to say when introducing him to her friends.Oh and Karen…his college sweetheart who ended up leaving him when they graduated;using some lame excuse that she just needed to feel worthy after her other boyfriend left her and he was more than willing to be a rebound.All reasons that Dave was very unaware of.

She didn’t know how to comfort him.She’s always been in stable relationships..nothing casual so how would she know about situationships?Then it hit her…her 3-year-current boyfriend had been her shoulder to lean on for as long as she could remember.He wasn’t her lover anymore but a cushion instead.They’d fallen into a comfortable pit they both had no desire to escape from. She searched within her and couldn’t even remember the last time she heard the words ‘I love you’.It was always right in front of her,clear as day, she was with him for convenience,not fiery romance.

Kate was at a loss of words but it was no match for her reaction when she saw what Dave had in his hands.He was planning to propose!He scoffed after taking a last look at it and put it in his front pocket.”Here’s your drink,” the eerie silence is pierced through by a chirpy waitress.Kate raises her soda.”We definitely deserve better,” and clunks Dave’s glass.

Situationships…let them sail.

And God help you if you’re still on them.

The voices in my head;Dancing Without Music by BRDGS

Stranger Danger

Alphonse;his name was.My close family friend(who we all refer to by her dotted name;mum)was over at our house for a week’s sleepover.So there we were,bored out of our minds at know how children get😂(we must have been around thirteen years at the time)then mum cleverly masters up a plan to go wait by the roadside for my mother to come home from work.Tungejua tu hio siku kingeumana!💀 (If only we had known how bad the day would turn out!)

We are seated at a large rock just by the road,minding our own business as good children do😂.Mum is telling me something funny, I think,and I burst out laughing.I open my eyes only to notice some person passing by the rock..once..twice..then stopping in front of (you guessed it!)us.This man(he looked about 24 but you know at our age that guy is ooold😂)asks us our names.We look at each other and pass some signal.Mum lies through her teeth and I,who obviously does not want to be tracked down in that small estate, follow suit.He then tells us his name;Alphonse and goes on to brag about having a big apartment where he can accommodate us.Being a kid,moreso a girl,we’ve already been warned about suspicious strangers offering food that you should always decline(no matter the delicacy).I look at mum silently begging her to take us out of this situation.She is looking away from him,completely ignoring his invitation.Who am I?😂but a follower of mum who is an extrovert that clearly knows how to deal with strangers.

Kidogo kidogo (suddenly) this guy..can you imagine this guy reaches out for my hand.Heh!😂Being the ninja that I am,I pull away from where my arm originally was so he is left clutching the air.At this point so much adrenaline is pumping through my veins that I saw my arm move in slow-mo😂.I don’t even stop to think and I run.Like ‘my-life-is-in-danger-and-this-guy-is-giving-off-major-red-flag-vibes’ run the hell away from him.I can’t even afford to look back because I hear footsetps behind me(The whole time I was thinking I would trade anything to be bored in the house right now).

It’s only when I am at a safe distance do I remember I was actually with mum on that rock😂.I look back and she is in a freaking ditch!With a part of her slippers torn.Seems like someone was more frantic than me at escaping😂.The man was already gone..perhaps too unfit to keep up(Thank God).Needless to say,we forgot about our whole ‘waiting for my mother’ plan and just went home.

I get that we all want to meet new people but remembering that story always makes me take a step back and think about my well-being.There is safety in numbers and for Pete’s sake stay away from dark places🌚.If you still think you’re so tough…just remember Alphonse;his name was💀.

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